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About me
I have walked this earth for 24 years. Now I am tired.

Claim to fame
I once won first prize at my school fun-fair.

Why I write
Because I like to.

Why you would want to read my writing

What I am like
Moody, no-nonsense, no-bullshit. I enjoy a good laugh and find humor in lots of things. Sometimes fussy eater. Cant cook. Cant dance. Can stamp a lot on dance partner's feet though.

What I like
Reading, Writing, Adventure stuff - Rapelling, Rock Climbing and Trekking.

What I would like
Right now, loads of money, a sea-facing bungalow with private garden, and a sports car. Potential donors, please contact ASAP.

What I do
I am, in simple terms, into Technical Writing/Instructional Designing.

In fancy-schmancy terms, I am a technical communicator conveying complex ideas in simple language, making sense of nonsense, ensuring readibility from hilarity, and propagating clarity, objectivity and originality. All this, while trying to maintain brevity and a consistent flow, with emphasis on accuracy, correct grammar and punctuation.

Spot the inconsistency in the above two sentences.

My Secret Ambition
One day, I will rule the world (oh the megalomania...!!!).

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