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"Dork" is the debut novel of one of India's best known bloggers - Sidin Vadukut.

The story, in the form of diary entries, revolves around Robin Varghese. Robin is a naive fresher straight out of management school who's a genius - in his own mind. The book deals with his adventures and mishaps in corporate and personal life, and along the way, provides interesting and funny insights into office culture. It also revolves around his attempts at impressing 'his' girl - Gouri.

Readers of his blog will have no trouble recognizing his writing style and wit. Even readers who are unfamiliar with his writing will appreciate the humor and simple language. The working ones among you will find yourselves empathizing with Robin in at least a couple of his predicaments, and with more than a couple of his observations. My own favorites were the parts about billing clients and clearing expenses!

To sum up, the book is a quick, light and fun read - perfect for a plane trip or to relax with after a long day at work. At Rs 199/-only, this book is definitely recommended!

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