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A solemn resolution

2008 resolutions:

  • Get a life.
  • Make things happen.

Yeah, pretty abstract, I know.

Maybe I should file this under humor...mmm?


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Idiot Box

Why the hell is there NO watchable show on TV over the weekends???!!!


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A loyal mouse...betrayed thus!


Item: 1 (one) White scroll mouse
Technology: Ball mouse
Brand: Logitech
Price: Rs 100/- only.
Ships: Worldwide

Item description
Working PS2/Serial mouse with 2 buttons and a scroll wheel that acts as the 3rd button. Suitable for both left and right hand users. Comes with box and driver CD. Fair and lovely color. Wheel may give erotic feeling when scrolling.

This mouse has served its master faithfully for its entire lifetime, never once squeaking...till the end. It shall serve you equally faithfully (ok, maybe in a non-working capacity, but serve you it shall.)

Multipurpose -
  • Can be used as a normal mouse as well as decorative paperweight.
  • Ball can be used to play goti (marbles).
  • Long wire enables swinging mouse over head with ease to lasso pesky people.
  • Wire can act as hangman's noose for make believe Saddam doll hangings.
  • Features special 'WonkyMode' for exciting unpredictability and random actions without user intervention. Perfect for playing pranks on unsuspecting colleagues.

Optional accessories:
PS2 to serial converter: Rs 20/-
User manual: Rs 10/-

  1. Shipping charges to be borne by buyer.
  2. Serial connection requires PS2 to serial converter. Available as optional accessory.
  3. Hangman's nooses are dangerous. This activity should not be performed on live humans. Seller assumes no responsibility for buyer's actions.
  4. Ball not meant to be swallowed. If swallowed, contact doctor. If religious, pray.
  5. CAVEAT EMPTOR applies at all times.

Interested parties may contact ASAP via email/Orkut scraps.

* Conditions Apply.

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2007 – A Roundup

Started the year off by shedding weight in Adnan Sami-esque proportions over 2 months in a really bad infection. Thought I would recover in 6 months, now I know it’ll take much much longer. Did pull back some mid-year, but a recent illness sees me back to square one.

Thought I found a really great friend, but it hasn’t quiet turned out like I had hoped. Pity, there’s so much potential!

Midway through the year, lost my job when the company folded. There was nothing very professional about the manner in which it happened, leaving me VERY pissed off.

Joined another organization later. The guys there should have seen the happy funny me, instead they got the sad quiet me. Sorry guys :-)

Knew D would come for raksha bandhan. She did come. But I ran away. Don’t really know why. End result: no rakhi from an angry D this year! I regret!

All in all, an unsatisfying year. Shoo!

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